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Birthing without pain, Mothering with pleasure.



Inspirational place to live a pleasant motherhood:

- Holistic pregnancy.

- Childbirth without pain.

-  Breastfeeding.

- Pleasant parenting.

- Learn to nurture your family from the soul to the stomach.

Women are physically designed to give birth with pleasure

Allow yourself to overcome your fears, release your pain and birth in ECSTASY

I had two wonderful, pain-fee, water home-births, one in Mexico in 2013 and the other one in Belgium in 2017. 

My childbirths were a beautiful and pleasant transformational journey that I feel a calling not only to tell my story but to give woman the preparation so they can also give birth with pleasure. 

I believe in general the preparation for pregnant woman are too superficial, many moved by fear and with the imprinted idea that it will be painful and woman will need medical and technical assistance. Therefore, when the day arrives, indeed, women feel scared, unprepared, insecure and will give their power to the doctors because they simply feel they don't know how to give birth. 

We have created to prepare woman in a holistic approach:

- If you don't want your birth to be painful, then you have to work with whatever is hurting you.

- If you want to avoid pain, you need to find out what you are really avoiding!

- If you want to birth with pleasure, then you have to already be living with pleasure.

- If you want your body to open without hurting, then you have to deeply connect with your body and release what its now painful so it will be free to open up.  

In our courses we will teach you techniques that though your body, through movement, motion and reflexion you will be able to physically and emotionally release your pain and fears and learn how to connect with your inner power, with your instinctual wisdom and with the pleasure of being you. 


I was amazed to discover how beautiful, empowering and even orgasmic giving birth could be. So I want to let the world know that it's also possible to birth with pleasure. I want to teach what I have learned after 5 years of research. I want to help to change the painful stories to pleasurable stories! 

Now I'm passionately working on writing my book and creating the orgasmic online courses supported by doctors, midwives, doulas and experts in the field. My aim is to put the knowledge out there so the couples can be properly informed and able to know, claim and discover their amazing power of giving birth naturally and together. 

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About me: Renée Rodríguez

  • I love dancing and smiling.
  • Mexico gave me my nationality and spirituality.
  • France my adventurous spirit and my Master’s Degree in Management.
  • Hong Kong transformed me into a Global Business Woman.
  • Singapore taught me how to be an international entrepreneur.
  • Italy was my summer love but speaking Italian helped me to get my jobs in Asia.
  • Belgium challenged me to learn to be a housewife.
  • I’m married to a Dutchman so I can say the Netherlands gave me two wonderful boys.
  • My sons, Bastian and Xander, gave me my mission in life:

“Inspire families to have orgasmic births and pleasurable parenthood”


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