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New Moon Ceremony

Temazcal + Cacao + Sound Healing

Allow yourself to be reborn from the womb of mother earth, open your heart with cocoa and raise your vibration with healing music.

We create a magical atmosphere between temazcal, ceremonial cocoa, sound healing, aromatherapy and sensations that make a totally magical, deep and sensory experience.


Sacred bath with medicinal herbs to awaken consciousness and perform deep detoxification.

It offers great benefits on a physiological, emotional, and spiritual level.

It is an excellent balancer of emotions, and transports us to a state of peace and inner tranquility, quieting the mind.

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Within the Mayan cosmology, the spirit of cacao is the Sacred above the sacred.

This medicinal plant allows you to cultivate awareness on an emotional and spiritual level, releasing what no longer serves you, processing the energy that may be stuck leading to a deep transformation, or guiding you in the direction you need to take.

It is the Medicine of the grandparents to brighten the heart.

Open your heart and connect with your senses through the drink of the gods!

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Sound Healing + Aromaterapia

Music has the quality of touching memories, emotional fibers and states of consciousness.

Some instruments are tuned to therapeutic scales and/or frequencies that can harmonize the body, mind and emotions. They have the ability to unblock or release emotions and promote states of peace and joy, mental clarity and physical rest.

Aromatherapy leads us to connect with our pleasure, bringing different benefits to the mind and body.

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This ceremony is synchronized with the new moon and aligned with the energy of the day of the Mayan Cholquij Calendar.

Honoring ancestral wisdom and giving continuity to the Mayan legacy, we direct the experience according to the nawal energy of the corresponding day with the Mayan Cholquij calendar. The Nawales are spirits and forces of nature, they are links that connect us in balance with the ecosystem in a clearer and more organic way.

From this approach, the ceremonial work flows better being supported and accompanied by the elementals, being driven by the qualities that astrally and energetically surround us that day, that moment.

We become aware of those qualities and aspects in ourselves, to awaken, cultivate and integrate them. This is how knowledge and experience are transformed into wisdom.


Cristina del Razo

Transpersonal Gestalt Therapist and Shamanism.

Moon dancer and student of traditional Mayan medicine.

Vision Seeker, inside the Red Road, in the Yoricostio mountain, Michoacán.

Pipa carrier, Temazcales runner, and Cocoa ceremonies.

Karely Aranda

Facilitator of cocao ceremonies, meditation, blessing, and purification rituals.

Energy and sound therapist.

Student of ancient Mayan medicine and practices of Hindu tantra.

Musician/singer medicine and devotional.



Every New Moon

The closest Saturday to a New Moon.

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Holistic Healing Hotel in Cancún

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Renée Rodríguez

Whats app: +529983999325
email: [email protected]

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Choose in which new moon you want to come:

What do you need to Bring?

  • Water bottle.

  • Towel to dry off after the temazcal.

  • Facial towel for inside the temazcal.

  • Bathing suit (Women with a pareo, skirt or dress on top.)

  • You can bring a sarong or towel to sit inside the temazcal.

  • Insect repellent.

  • Dry and comfortable clothes for the cacao ceremony after the Temazcal.


  • A candle. You will turn it on before entering the temazcal and you can put your intention paper below.

  • Something to sit on during the cocoa ceremony: Yoga Mat or Pillow.

Preparation for the Temazcal

  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Eat lightly and at latest 2 hours before the temazcal.
  • 2 hour fast.
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Plan to have your flip-flops, dry towel, and dry change of clothes.
  • In the event that a woman is menstruating, please notify us in advance.

How to get there?

Search on google maps for: "Oma Holistic Healing Hotel Cancun"

Google maps will take you to the right place.

The place is a bit hidden, you will enter through a dirt road and a small path. Look at the photos below so you know if you're on the right track.

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  • Cancellations should be carried out at least two days before the date of your booked event.
  • A reimbursement to your credit/debit card will occur after 15 – 20 days from the date of request.
  • There will be no refund on unused tickets or cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the event.
  • In case of a no-show on the day of the evet, a refund of the total amount (minus the 6% handling fee) will be made ONLY upon receipt of a medical certificate justifying the no-show.
  • Change of the date of the event can be done within 48 hours prior to the event date.
  • All cancellations or change of dates can be done by phone  +529983999325 or email [email protected]

Give yourself this healing for your soul




We are waiting for you in this beautiful New Moon ceremony where we will pamper you with a Temazcal, with ceremonial cocoa and with medicine music.



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